How Windows Couldn’t Prepare PC to Boot Without A Good Support Team

It is not possible to boot Windows on PCs without some kind of formal support team. While there are plenty of reliable online discussion boards on topics like this, the issue remains that we cannot rely solely on these forums and the internet to get answers. Instead, we need a minimum of support from our main provider – Microsoft.

We don’t have to go through all this trouble with Windows 10 but it’s still worth noting that Windows 10 isn’t a system-wide reboot, so you can wait a little longer for it to install if you really want to.


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Why I’m Not Yet Ready to Renounce My Microsoft Account

I’m not ready to give up my Microsoft Account (MSA) – I use it daily. I’ve been using MS Outlook for more than a decade and Microsoft Exchange Server for more than ten years.

To me, MS is not just an app but a part of my life. No matter how much I upgrade to the latest version of Outlook and even if I switch to another email app, MS still holds on to most of my data and contacts. It’s important that we recognize that the MSA is more than just an email app or tool that we use in our workday.

Microsoft has created a huge ecosystem around its products – from big budget games like Halo or Forza Motorsport 3 on down to the tiny applications like Paint Lite or the WordPad ones that run on Windows 10 PCs.

Microsoft Wants us Back With Command Prompt on Win8.1

Microsoft is returning to Windows 8.1 with command prompt, which it released in July 2016. The company said that it will bring back the command prompt because it was a big hit among Windows 8 users who used it during the last few years.

The company is planning to release an update for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 by the end of 2017 or early 2018 that will allow users to run a command prompt on their computers with just a few clicks. This includes all versions of Microsoft’s operating system from Win8 through Win10, Office 365, Xbox, Surface Hub and Swaybox as well as devices running older versions of the operating system like laptops and tablets.