Best External Microphone for Android for Recording Audio with Phone and Tablet

There are a variety of external microphones that are available for smartphones and tablets. These microphones can be used to capture audio from a range of sources, including smartphones, laptops and speakers. But which ones to choose depends on the user’s needs.

For voice calls, there is an array of different models that are available on the market. For example, there are microphones that are waterproof and have a wide audio range with high quality sound reproduction. These types of filters can be attached to the microphone input ports on the phone or tablet so that they can be used even in areas where it is not possible to plug into the port directly.

Other types of external microphones include one-button devices with automatic gain control technology (AGC) that automatically adjust output volume depending on environmental noise or environmental temperature.

Best External Microphone for android Phones

Today, most devices are equipped with audio-microphones for voice recording. According to Android Ally, one of the devices that comes to mind is the Sony MDR-EX700 Bluetooth Audio Microphone. It has a built-in microphone. The sound quality of this unit will not be as good as connected external microphones, but it does have its merits – portability and weightlessness.

A good external microphone is an important accessory for any smartphone. I am using Sennheiser MKE-2, a good and affordable microphone that makes it possible to record sound clearly and accurately. It has a built-in headphone jack, meaning that you can plug in your headphones or an external audio device when you take the phone out of your pocket.

How to Choose the right External Mic for your Android Phone

You may have heard of the term “External Mic” before, but it seems that you have never really seen one. When you are using a smartphone or a tablet, especially when you go out and use it in public, chances are that at some point you might be recording something outside your house.

There are quite a few options available to get an external mic for your Android phone. These external mics come with amazing features and work great in many different scenarios. This section will focus on what is necessary for the best external mic for your Android smartphone.

There are a lot of Android smartphones available nowadays, but only a few have a good audio quality. To quote my own experience: “I bought an HTC Desire HD and was really happy with the audio quality”. I went on trial with my friends using that phone and I could hear every single bit of noise in the background.

But then I switched to Samsung Galaxy S3, which was a little bit better than HTC Desire HD but not as good as iPhone 4s. So it was pretty difficult to decide what should be the best mic for me – do I need an external microphone or do I just want to be able to use Google Hangouts?

Thing You Need to Know Before Buying a Best Microphone for Your Phone

Before you go out and buy a new microphone, we should first understand what is an external microphone and why it is important.

There are three main types of microphones:

  1. Active Microphones: These are always plugged into the device where they are placed, so that the audio signal flows through them and reaches your ears.
  2. Passive Microphones: These microphones are placed on the device itself (such as a smartphone) or elsewhere in its vicinity (such as a laptop).
  3. In-Ear Microphones: They come with earbuds attached to them; they do not need to be plugged into devices at all, so no direct audio signals flow from one source to another, which makes them ideal for voice-activated devices such as smartphones or Cortana in Microsoft’s Windows operating systems.


The development of the smartphone has taken place at a fast pace. It’s become a key tool that is used by people in daily life.

Most people will have their phone in their hand most of the time and use it to listen to music, take pictures, read emails and get information on various places around the world. As technology evolves, you will also see an improvement in sound quality for your phone.

The best microphones for your phone are very important because you need to be able to hear conversations in any environment but it is also important because it determines how loud or soft your voice sounds when speaking into the microphone.